Monday, 12 November 2012

Aims And Objectives Of Horticulture

1. To promote the profession of Horticulture and the professionalism of those working in the industry

2. To act as an authoritative body; consulting with Government and other policy making bodies on matters of           interest or concern to professional horticulturists

3. To confer recognised status upon professionally qualified and experinenced horticulturists

4. To promote educational and training opportunities and encouarge the development of all disciplines within horticulture 

5. To co-operate with other bodies on matters of common concern 

6. To disseminate information on matters affecting the profession and provide opportunities for discussion amongst horticulturists through the website, publications, conferences, seminars, lectures etc.

7. To promote the importance of horticulture in:
  • food and ornamental plant production
  • providing employment, often in rural areas
  • improving the environment
  • creating and managing valuable sports and recreation facilities
  • as one of the main leisure pursuits - gardening

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